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Adrian Smart - first steps


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ADRIAN®smart connects your smartphone, laptop or PC with the remotely controlled device. Via ADRIAN®smart you set the premise’s temperature hour by hour, as well as the desired degrees, with the possibility to set and control everything through the Internet. The wireless temperature module passes the current temperature data of your gas boiler, pellet burner, convection heater, etc. on to ADRIAN®smart that is connected to it. Switching it on and off allows to preserve a constant and comfortable temperature, while eliminating the possible energy losses.

With ADRIAN®smart you set your desired temperature for every hour of the day and night. This way, you get the temperature you desire whenever you want to. You could save up to 30%, depending on your usage. You receive convenience and comfort, but without any unnecessary energy use, only what you need at a given time.

Almost all gas boiler models, pellet burners, radiators, convection heaters, various devices for heating and cooling. ADRIAN®smart’s based function to turn devices on and off makes its usage universal.

Not really. The devices’s controling is based on turning on and off the devices, which is not very suitable or useful for air conditioners.

No, the device can also control cooling and irrigation systems, garage doors and every device that can effectively be controlled via the switching on and off function.

ADRIAN®smart’s installation and usage instructions can be found, following this link.

 The ADRIAN®smart mobile app is available for download on  Google PlayApple Store free of charge.

An unlimited number of devices. Each ADRIAN®smart device you connect can be added to your profile and control each from there.

It depends on the batteries and the distance between the temperature sensor from ADRIAN®smart, but between 18 – 24 months.

The Internet communication is a must to connect the device. Once you have programmed it, though, the device could work as a programmable thermoregulator, even without Internet connection. But after all, ADRIAN®smart is created to work with Internet connectivity.

Press and hold the device’s black button for 3-5 seconds. The light emitting diode starts blinking intensely, which is an indication that you have restarted the device and it is currently in Settings mode, expecting further configuration.

Away from any heating and direct sunlight. That affects ADRIAN®smart’s readings and its general usage.

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